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Dish Shapes - No.2

This is our second dish-shaped project and will give your weekend CNC project a true handcrafted look.  The 4 basic shapes found in our first installment have been given a scalloped look that simulates the look you often see in a hand carved piece.       

Dish Shapes - No.2

This project will allow you to machine a model or model composition below the surface of a project and have a nice hand carved flat bottom dish for it to rest in.

Click the images below for a simple case study on how the round dish shape (Dish Shapes No.1 mini-project) and the daisy was used to create a bedroom sign. 

We have designed a few neat features into this mini-project that will make it even easier to use and re-use.  These features include:

  •  A wonderfully modeled Fleur de Lis to be used as a great test model and a super addition to your model collection.
  • All dishes have a flat bottom to accept any model and can be easily v-carved.
  • All dishes are scale-able.  

Go load up with some cupboard doors from your local cabinet shop and start your kitchen makeover.  Wow... won't your better-half be impressed?

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Dish Shapes - No.2 - $35.00 USD

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The Dish Shapes - No.2 project contains the following models and project sheet.

To get you started on your next weekend project we have included this assembled layout.

Dish Shapes - No.2

Project Sheet - Click to enlarge.

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