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The Skate Park

“purpose-built fun environment with structures and surfaces for skateboarding”

Skate boarding stems back to 1965 and would you believe there are over 5,000 indoor and outdoor parks around the world now! The sport runs deep in the hearts of millions of people, young and old, the world over with childhood memories conjuring up excitement over the buzz from pulling off all those intense adrenalin-fuelled stunts. The risk of injury, determination to pull off a difficult trick, and the physical demands of the sport all come together to make skate boarding such an addictive and popular sport.

That passion never leaves those boys and girls who are today’s mid-lifers with a secret urge to get back on their boards with their kids and grandchildren, and this project is bursting with potential for creating projects based around the sport. Why not support your local skate park or boarding club with an award, sign, or even a trophy or donation for their local scooter or skate competitions? We have created the graffiti text for you to easily overlap a skater over the swoosh or tuck one under the text so it looks like they are using it as a piece of skate park equipment. The skaters can also be placed so they look like they are interacting with the equipment!

Customize some of the elements with v-carving to make a special gift or business sign. The older generation will really appreciate the nostalgia and a customized sign for their basements hideaways, man caves, or sheds made by you would be the perfect gift!

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The Skate Park - $49.00 USD

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I Do My Own Stunts

This "I Do My Own Stunts" layout was made using models from the following projects:

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The Skate Park project contains the following models and project sheet.

To get you started on your next weekend project we have included these assembled layouts.

The Skate Park

Project Sheet - Click to enlarge.

Food for thought.
Ideas for other combinations of this project.

We created this short video to help get you started with this project. Click the link or image below to view on YouTube.

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The vector outlines for all of the models in this project are available to download from this link:


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