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Lighthouse Scenes

For many years lighthouses have helped to guide sailors out of harm's way. Not only shining light to highlight danger but also to give hope to those caught in a storm that they were close to land and would be safe soon.  

Lighthouse Scenes

Since the adoption of GPS and other guidance systems, these amazing architectural wonders have become less and less important. Still, with that, they play an important part in our coastal history and some are still being used for what they were initially intended. Maybe not by the large ships but for smaller vessels and in some communities a means of an economic boost.  

Tourists use lighthouses as travel destinations and beauty spots to not only take in the stunning views of the coast but also to remind them of the power of the sea. With the proper amount of respect, the sea can bring amazing things but also mother nature uses its power to carve our coastlines and keep us grounded.

Create your own lighthouse scene with the model in this project. Two lighthouses to choose from and 11 supporting models that can be mixed and matched. Create a calm coastal layout or maybe a new mantel for your fireplace, reminding you of the light that guides you home.

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Coastal Scene

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The Lighthouse Scenes project contains the following models and project sheet.

To get you started on your next weekend project we have included these assembled layouts.

Lighthouse Scenes

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