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New Arrival No.1

New Arrival No.1

"Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
Two little ears and one little nose"


New Arrival No.1

The anticipation of the arrival of a new little one is something that is hard to describe and something that deserves to be recognized with a special gift.  This project's collection of models is the perfect starting point to create something truly special.  Not only for the events that happen before that special little package arrives but handy to have on hand for making the nursery a very special place. 

If you are the parents-to-be you just might think of creating a little something special to help break the news to the new Grandparents.  How about a sign to help direct guests to a baby shower or a sign for your nursery door?  If you are already a parent you will appreciate the value of a door sign that explains the consequences of using the doorbell while the baby is napping...  never, never wake a sleeping baby!

We have designed a few neat features into this project that will make it even easier to use and reuse.  These features include:
- Stork's beak has been modeled so that you can easily merge in the carrier bag so it looks like it is delivering a special little package.
- Ribbon button and tails that easily accepts v-carving to create a customized project.
- Ribbon button has a flat bottomed dished center so it will accept almost any model and will also let you get the most "Z" depth out of the added model.

There are few things in life that are more magical than the arrival of a new little person and now you can make it even more special. 

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New Arrival No.1 - $35.00 USD

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Shh... Baby napping door sign

This "Shh... Baby napping door sign" layout was made using models from the following projects:

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The New Arrival No.1 project contains the following models and project sheet.

To get you started on your next weekend project we have included this assembled layout.

New Arrival No.1

Project Sheet - Click to enlarge.

Food for thought.
Ideas for other combinations of this project.

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The vector outlines for all of the models in this project are available to download from this link:


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