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Pheasant Hunt

With his faithful companion, a hunter makes his way up a wooded path.  Along each side of the well-worn trail, there are thick bushes, the perfect place for their prey to be waiting.  

Pheasant Hunt

Without warning, there's a rustle of branches, up shoots a pheasant and then a deafening shot is heard.   The hunting dog waits for the signal and once it is given he races to find the downed bird.  Returning only when he has found and retrieved what he has been training for.  It only takes a few minutes to return with the prize, tail wagging and looking for some well-deserved praise.

Hunting pheasant and wild turkey is a favorite pastime of hunters all over the world.   Some do it alone and others turn it into an opportunity to socialize, looking to have an adventure that will turn into a hunting story to be told for generations.

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The Pheasant Hunt project contains the following models and project sheet.

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Pheasant Hunt

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Fonts used:

  • Palatino Linotype

  • academia ssk

  • Oklahoma

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