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Cottage Life

If you have a cottage getaway you know what it is to like the "cottage life"! Waking up to the call of the loons and a thick haze over the lake is always enjoyed with a cup of coffee and some small talk. Making plans for the day that might include a boat trip to visit friends dotted around the lake or maybe just pulling up the chair on the dock to do a bit of fishing!

Cottage Life

A cottage is a family affair with relatives coming and going on the weekend and during the summer holidays. Kids laughing while playing and running in and out of the water. Food and drink are served up at a leisurely pace throughout the day with a bomb fire to end the day.

There's nothing like cottage life and it is not just something to do on the weekends it is a lifestyle enjoyed while in the presence of the lake and in conversations held during the off-season. Stories shared for many years have become family history and some have grown to epic levels!

This project is filled with models that were inspired by many summers by the lake and should resonate with those that have experienced the same. Creating cottage decor or gifts for those that have shared their retreat with you. Let this project set the mood for a lovely summer experience!  

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Cottage Life

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