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Wine Bar No.2

"Wine pairs nicely
with good friends" 

Wine always tastes better when it's shared with friends and served on a wine bottle coaster that was made for the special event.  There is nothing as special as sipping on a glass of red and answering the question. "Where did you get that wine coaster from, it is amazing".  The answer might simply be,"Well I made it." or maybe it's "My Grandpa made it for us on our wedding day".  Anyway you answer that question it will include the word "made" and that is pretty special. 

We have designed a few neat features into this project that will make it even easier to use and reuse.  These features include:
- The round and oval coaster can be used to make a flat coaster that will easily accept other models or special V-Carving.
- Use the coaster recess to create an area that will accept the grapes and leaves to give you the best use of the material thickness you choose to use.
- The 3rd wine coaster can also be used to create a candle holder.
- We have included two bonus Project Sheets so you can get the most out of this project.   

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Wine Themed Candle Holder

This "Wine Themed Candle Holder" layout was made using models from the following projects:

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The Wine Bar No.2 project contains the following models and project sheet.

To get you started on your next weekend project we have included this assembled layout.

Wine Bar No.2

Project Sheet - Click to enlarge.

Food for thought.
Ideas for other combinations of this project.

We created this short video to help get you started with this project. Click the link or image below to view on YouTube.

In case you need...

The vector outlines for all of the models in this project are available to download from this link:


In case you wanted to know...

Fonts used:

  • Pristina

  • blackford